In App Purchase Consumable "product tiers"


We are planning to launch in-app purchases to our app with millions of MAUs.

The plan is to sell more than 10,000 products in the future, and we saw that there's a limit to non-consumable products of 10K so we didn't want that to limit us.

Proposed Solution

As a result, we have decided to launch consumable products instead, and manage unlocking the content on the server side once a user has successfully purchased an item. The client will also manage payments that couldn't be confirmed server side by temporary storing information about the product which has been purchased (but not unlocked) so that we can recover gracefully.

The plan is to create numerous consumable products, where each product has a specific price. Thus when a user wants to purchase product A, we will trigger the IAP flow with the consumable apple product which matches the price of product A.

If we offer products from 15 pounds to 100 pounds, we'll be creating non-consumable products:

  • Product 1: 15.99
  • Product 2: 16.99
  • Product 3: 17.99

... etc

So you can think of it as tiering apple products together based on the price. The product in our catalog will not have a one to one mapping with the apple product.

So I have two questions:

  • Is this okay with Apple's guidelines? Should we expect Apple to block the release?
  • Is there a limit on the pricing of a consumable product? Can we go above 100 dollars?