System Storage Full

My iPhone 7+ is reporting full storage - when I explore further and look in manager storage - the very bottom item called "System", is consuming all available storage, right now it is 13.54GB. In this state Mail will not sync, apps will not update and new apps cannot be installed.

It has done this numerous times, and seems to come and go (since the first beta release).

Anyone else experiencing this?


  • This is the same problem to all of us. Storage problem and battery capacity vs system performance. apple is playing with their old clients to force them buying new and new phones.

    staying with apple seems like staying in prison. Only solution to quit apple.

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Does it show the same when connected to iTunes?

I'm experiencing basically the same situation right now. I have a 6S+ running iOS 11 beta 3. This morning I started getting those annoying "your iPhone is almost out of storage" warnings, which made no sense because I know that I use less than half the storage.

Sure enough I checked the storage usage, and after several minutes the storage settings finally loaded and told me that the System category was using 42 GB of my storage! At this point I couldn't even open the damned camera.

The only thing I can think of is that the downloaded iOS 11 betas are not cleaning up after themselves. They're probably storing tons of temp files and as far as I know I have no way to delete them directly.

Anybody have some advice here?

I did a complete backpup, erase, restore, reinstall missing apps and was able to reclaim 30GB of the 50GB of "Other". We'll see how long until it fills up again.

I had to use the Configurator tool and the ipsw files from the downloads page. I couldn't get iTunes and OTA to work for this process.

Having the same issue here, iPhone 7+ was reporting 85GB system, so deleted 20+ gigs and now system is using 111GB. Tried syncing with iTunes, hard restart and phone clean app with no luck. As soon as you clear out space, system will grab whatever is available immediately. Hope this gets cleaned up.

Hit this as well today. iPad Pro with the System usage sitting at around 215GB.

No idea what's caused it, can't see anything obvious. An iPhone 7 I have on the same iCloud account and also on the iOS 11 betas is normal so it doesn't appear to be anything synced.

Logging gone mad perhaps?

This feels like the same APFS bug that macOS beta 1-3 had where APFS couldn’t clean up free space after trashing files.

Just went ahead and erased my iPhone to start fresh since the phone was full and no matter what I cleared out the system would grab the new free space. Other little issues fixed in the process. Like wifi calling always present now, hotspot working correctly, and app switcher is much better.

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I'm hitting this issue now as well.

I filed a radar 33722518. This issue seems to only have become present on iOS 11 beta 4 for me.

I've got an iPhone 7 Plus 128GB. System is reportedly taking up ~51GB.

Deleting stuff does seem to help but after an hour or two it's back to full.

Clearing Safari cookies and data did reduce it by about 2GB but that's since filled back up.

Apple Support recommended erasing and restoring the phone from a backup in cases like this.

There isn't enough room for a sysdiagnose to complete either.

Does anyone know if Apple are requesting the installation of a specific profile for them to debug this issue further? They are yet to reply to my radar.

I just run into this problem with iOS 11.0.1. Despite that iTunes shows that I have 25GB free space, iPhone does not agree and is completely unusable, can't even open

I have the same problem with a new iPhone SE 32 GO. running 11.0.1. 32Go are used out of 32. CAnnot take any photo (but screenshos are allowed). Some apps can start, some other not. I keep deleting app, but space is consumed within a few hours/minutes.

In brief : phone is unusable.

Same issue: iPhone 8, iOS 11.0.1. "System" under ïPhone Storage" keeps increasing -- now it's 6.6Gbytes.

It was around 8Gbytes two days ago. Erased and restored iPhone, increasing again: 6.6Gbytes.

Any update? Or fix? I had 6.6 gb full on the “System” folder, deleted 2 gigs of music and the freeking System folder increased to 8.6 gb! What the heck!

Be sure to file bugs against the beta, adding your report # to your comment, thanks.

Same here... 😟

Can't use my iPhone anymore...