App Review Information - Sign-In Information with phone

Apple says that to review the app they need sign in info and they only give you the option to input a username and password.

However, in my app you can only sign up with a phone number. What info should I give them?


As an option, create a short video that works as demo, then upload it where review can find it and let them know via that app's meta data/review notes.

If they need more info, etc. expect them to reach out.

As a bonus for you efforts, you can perhaps use that clip as a video preview in the store.

I would caution, tho, about requiring such personal info in order to use the app, if in fact that works as a gate to all functions... See the ASRGs/Legal/Privacy 5.1.1 Data Collection and Storage

Zammany1313 Zulqarnain_101