Does apple allow 3rd party payment integrations for accessing app features ? Or its compulsory to use In-app purchases ? I need to have split payments in my app for accessing a particular feature.


I am amaking an application and in that there's a feature of live streaming for which i would like to charge the end users.

Now as per my understanding, apple does not allow 3rd party payment integrations if there is no physical exchange of goods or services. I need to use In -App purchases in this case . But the isue i have is i need to split the paymnets at time of receiving it and In-App purchases do not do that.

Let me know if i am wrong on this, because if that's posiible then my problem will be resolved.

Now i wanted to know if i integrate the 3rd party payment gateway for this split payments , then are there chances that Apple might reject my application and force me to do it using In-App purchases ?

Any help would really be appreciated.


As far as I know Apple won't allow the 3rd party payment integration if app dosen't provide the physical goods.
I think this policy could be break from apple side because in many of cases the IAP will not full fil the app requirment.
In your case you can do the payment process from website if you have and there you can use the 3rd party payment integration.
I am not sure but you can go with apple pay. It might resolved your problem.


Hi, Any updates on this matter? Would be nice to know not only for me but for others that might come across this topic.

Thank you :)

If Apple will not allow this, why are they watching competitors cheating them? There are tons of apps out there that hide this third-party payment gateway to bypass Apple's approval.