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Account overview

The sections shown in your account depend on whether you have a free account or are enrolled in a paid program (the Apple Developer Program or Apple Developer Enterprise Program). In addition, the actions you can take in these sections depend on whether you’re enrolled in a paid program as an individual or organization, and on the role you have within your organization.

This table explains the full range of actions that are possible in each section. If you’d like to learn more about role privileges, visit the Program Roles support page in Apple Developer support.



Program resources

Access tools to build, test, and distribute your software and manage any developer services you use.

Email preferences

Manage your notification preferences for the latest developer news and events.

Membership details

View membership information, such as your Team ID, role, renewal date, and contact information.

Device reset date

View the date you can reset the list of devices you registered to create development or ad hoc provisioning profiles.

Code-level support

Submit and purchase code-level support requests.


View the legal agreements associated with your developer account and membership.


View the developer events you’ve attended and are registered to attend.