Device registration updates

You need a registered device to create a development or ad hoc provisioning profile. To register a device using your developer account, you need to have the device name and device ID.

Temporary processing and ineligible test device status

Enabling registered test devices may require additional processing for new Apple Developer Program memberships or memberships renewed after expiration for one month or more. Although the device is registered during this time, the device identifier won’t be included in provisioning profiles until processing completes. Existing active memberships are not impacted by this change.

Device registration behavior

Registered test device count (per platform)


1 to 10

Upon registration

11 to 100

Within 24 to 72 hours

* Devices may be moved to an ineligible status for up to 30 days if the Provisioning Device Identifier was previously associated to memberships that were terminated for violating the Apple Developer Program License Agreement.