Provisioning with managed capabilities

Some capabilities require review and approval before an app can use any associated features. Once approved, the capability can be assigned to your account for provisioning by Account Holders and Admins.

Starting with Xcode 13, managed features may be assigned as additional capabilities. These capabilities may have one or more entitlements and are visible under the Additional Capabilities tab when editing your App ID. Once enabled, provisioning profiles for that App ID will automatically include the associated entitlements in new provisioning profiles.

If you previously enabled managed features by choosing from a dropdown when creating a provisioning profile, those assignments may have been migrated to this new workflow. Edit your App ID to enable them or request migration if they aren’t visible. When creating a provisioning profile, you can leave the Additional Entitlements section with the Default option selected. During profile creation, entitlements associated with capabilities you’ve enabled will be automatically included in the provisioning profile if it supports that platform and distribution type.

Note: Many capabilities and entitlements require an explicit App ID and are not eligible for App Clips.

Editing an App ID with additional capabilities for Xcode & Xcode Cloud

  1. In Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, click Identifiers in the sidebar.

  2. Select the identifier associated to the app requiring any additional capabilities.

  3. Click the Additional Capabilities tab and enable any required capabilities.

  4. Click Save. If a warning dialog appears, click Confirm to finalize your changes.

  5. If building locally in Xcode, follow the steps listed in Provisioning in Xcode with Additional Capabilities.

During your next continuous integration test, Xcode Cloud will see the latest configuration of your App ID and include enabled additional capabilities in the provisioning profile automatically. This enables automatic signing for features like CarPlay and Multicast Networking.

Provisioning in Xcode with additional capabilities

In Xcode 13 and later, once the capability is enabled for your App ID, you can configure Xcode to support automatic signing.

  1. In your app’s .entitlements file, add the assigned entitlement key and value pair.

  2. Build your app on your device.

  3. Xcode will detect the differences between your currently issued provisioning profile and the entitlements.plist, and request a new provisioning profile.

Creating a provisioning profile with additional capabilities

Additional capabilities function just like public capabilities enabled on the developer website. Once you’ve updated your App ID configuration with enabled additional capabilities, eligible provisioning profiles will automatically include the entitlements. You don’t need to select a group of entitlements in a menu during provisioning profile creation, however those options may still be visible if you were assigned the feature as additional entitlements in the past.

  1. In Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, click Identifiers in the sidebar, then click the add button (+) on the top left.

  2. Select the type of profile you need to generate, then click Continue.

  3. Choose the Bundle ID for the project that needs the additional entitlements, then click Continue.

  4. Select a certificate that is present on your build machine.

  5. Follow the remaining steps to generate a provisioning profile.

  6. Before naming the provisioning profile, you may be prompted to choose from additional entitlements. You can skip this step if you already enabled the required features when editing your App ID.

  7. Confirm that you’ve selected the correct template, then click Continue.

  8. Name your provisioning profile, then click Generate.

Verifying additional capabilities are included in a provisioning profile

Once you’ve updated your App ID configuration and created a provisioning profile, the new capabilities will automatically be included.

  1. In Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, click Profiles in the sidebar.

  2. Select the provisioning profile associated to the app where you enabled additional capabilities.

  3. If the provisioning profile is invalid, click Edit and save any changes to update the configuration.

  4. View the Enabled Capabilities section to verify that the additional capabilities were enabled for the App ID.

  5. You can also view the provisioning profile in a text editor to confirm entitlements are included.

Migrating additional entitlements to capabilities

Additional entitlements are displayed during provisioning profile creation on the developer website. Each time you create a profile, you need to select the additional entitlements from the list assigned. You may need these re-assigned as capabilities that can be enabled for your App ID. Having the feature enabled on an App ID supports provisioning and signing apps with cloud-managed certificates, such as Xcode Cloud. Confirm if any additional entitlements need migration by visiting Certificates, Identifiers, and Profiles, selecting an App ID, and clicking the Additional Capabilities tab.

Request additional entitlement migration if any previously assigned entitlements are not visible.

Required role: Account Holder