When iOS will support web push notifications?


Progressive Web Apps is a trend in 2019 and web push notifications for iOS are not supported right now.

Do you have a date for the web push support?


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  • The main reason not allowing push notification is because if they allow it then most of the developers will use this instead of native app development and App Store can not review the pwa apps because of that many security issues will come

  • This wouldn't be a bad thing.

  • "App Store can not review the pwa apps because of that many security issues will come" - :))))

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I'm new to these forums but have been working on PWAs for a while now and see them as a cornerstone for future app development, especially in an enterprise environment. Please Apple Devs, we need web push support. I know there are many developers in the community that feel the same way.


+2 come on, please!

Apple, Steve Jobs himself wanted this technology with the original iPhone. You're supporting PWAs now. What's one additional allowance going to hurt? Web Push works everywhere else. My iPhone users need this.

Just a quick reminder that everyone w/the same opinion can make themselves heard by filing an enhancement request via the bug reporter/suggestion link below, being sure to add their report # to the thread for reference, thanks and good luck.


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Year 2019: Notifications in the PWA (iOS) is a priority.

Apparently not

Is there any news on this or PWA support more broadly coming out of WWDC2019?

I can't believe, that there is still no response to this feature. As a developer of several webshops, I have to say, that many of my customers aren't able to pay for an own app, and its also no need for it. But it is existential today, to reach the Webshop customers over a push notification, if you want to stay in business


Why there is no offical response to this thread?

Developing PWA need this feature to replace native app or hybrid development, and Push Notification very important part of PWA. please consider it as top of your next releases.

hi all,
I just implemented PWA for my website and I'm so in love how fast and comfortable it is but the sadest thing (besides the Web Push Notification support of course) is that there is no way to show some native popup for "Add to Home Screen" just like on Android, and you have to show some tolltips with an instruction how to get the PWA.

I'm really looking forward to hear updates about these 2 features 😟

Another 3 months later and no response 😟
To echo the reponse from gayaneff, we have just implemented PWA for our SAAS product. Android users love it. Apple users........meh.
I could live with just the push notifications!

Push notifications for PWA would be a big step towards democratizing the app experience on iOS. It is difficult to maintain two codebases to run a web app and a native app. Any of the wrapper utils are just band aides. This would be a huge win for all. 10,000 +1’s to this thread.

Please enable this Apple. Embrace the open web standards!

Yes, well said. Let's go Apple!