push notification without sound on iOS9

I have a problem that when a lot of apps running in the background sometimes when the app receive push notification (local or remote) sometimes the notification arives without sound.

tested on iOS 9 GM

also hapenns on Whatsapp and Viber

scenario: open and background many apps then receive push notification.

about 1/3 receive without sound in this scenario


I'm having the same problem, No notification sound on whatsapp. Please let me know if you found a solution.

I'm in the exact same situation and it's so annoying. No sound and not even a vibrate many times. I have to physically look at the phone to see that I got a message, which never used to happen and is extremely inconvinient. I used to be able to sleep and have the volume up to wake me up if I got a message, but now I can't rely on that anymore. I never know if the notification will happen or not.
I've noticed this on both Whatsapp and Viber and Messager.

Please fix this problem as soon as possible.

I have the same problem. Sometimes I have a sound. But sometimes not.

I tried to find a solution and I found this article.

Since IOS 9 lot of push notifications are without a sound.

I'm having the same problem with whatsapp.... Please fix...

Another one here with the same issue!! Lack of audible notification on various apps! Extremely annoying - fix this soon!!

Same. iOS9 randomly missing local notifications sound.

Same here hope it will be solved as soon as possible.

Same here.. Please fix this as soon as possible

Yes ! I have too this bug! No sound on notifications!

I don't have notification sounds either. Nothing when a text message, email. program notification, or when I press the top button to turn off the screen.

Tried restarting, setting sound volume. A reset, restore, and reset to factory was recommended elsewhere. Those are bogus solutions, we shouldn't have to do any of that, the sound should not have been turned off from the update to begin with.

I'm having the same problem!! Sometimes there is sound, sometimes there is not.

I am aslo having same the problem with my iphone 5s. Sometimes I have a sound. But sometimes not.

I have the same problem with my iphone 6 please fix it how match is faster I'm very angry !!!

Same here. Whatsapp, mail etc. lose notification sound most of the times.

Looking for a fix asap.

I think will be repaired on next update. I hope so!