ios 14 keyboard not appearing

ios 14 beta 2, iphone 5se
in mail app, and others:
keyboard does not appear when responding to email.
cant type anything.

if a response box appears - as in messages - keyboard does appear.

i cant work around this bug and my iphone is nearly unworkable in this beta.
any suggestions?

  • Resetting my keyboard dictionary fixed it for me.

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me too, keyboard not appear ini iPhone 6


  • I have this issue with both my IPad Air and my IPhone 11 Max

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I have the same issue using an iPhone 6s with a variety of safari sites and the shell app. Any help appreciated because it really is a pain!
I have the same issue. My keyboard isn’t appearing in any message apps whatsoever
I am also facing the same issue in my iPhone Xs Max.... Please advice a solution ASAP...
I have the same issue using an iPhone 5SE with a mail app.
-QUICK FIX- not ideal scenario

Settings > General > Reset > Reset keyboard dictionary.

The issue appears to be solved immediately in both native and 3rd party.

  • how are we suppose to reset when it asks for your password but they keyboard won't come up to do this.... i have been to the apple store and they have advised the same thing but the keyboard will not pull up to do anything...

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Resetting keyboard dictionary did not fix the bug for me
my key board doesnt work in iphone 11 pro max.

messages, whatsapp none of them

any work around
It seems that disabling “reduce motion” in the accessibility settings, fixed the issue with the keyboard for me.
switching off reduce motion in accessibility worked for me too but keeping reduce motion in but keeping off parallel cross fade animation works too ! Keyboard is back in all apps
iPhone X with 14.0 (18A5332f) worked by just disabling “Prefer Cross-Fade Transitions”.
disabling “Prefer Cross-Fade Transitions” on my iPhone 7 Plus definitely worked!!
disabling “Prefer Cross-Fade Transitions” on my iPhone 7 Plus definitely worked!! 
İ disabled reduce motion its wotk now my device iphone se 1.generation
Disable reduce motion— in accessibility will solve the problem .