ios 14 keyboard not appearing

ios 14 beta 2, iphone 5se
in mail app, and others:
keyboard does not appear when responding to email.
cant type anything.

if a response box appears - as in messages - keyboard does appear.

i cant work around this bug and my iphone is nearly unworkable in this beta.
any suggestions?

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On iPhone 7, turning off ‘Reduce motion’ solved this one
Removing prefer cross-fade transitions also worked for me. iPhone 11 Pro.
I'm having the same issue on my Iphone 11 with the latest IOS 14 beta software installed. None of the fixes listed is this listing have worked for me.
Also I'm having the issue only when i try to forward a screenshot
Im having this same issue on WhatsApp. IPhone 6s public beta 4
i have the same problem on my iphone xr public beta 1-4. its bugging on whatsapp imessage instagram and other chat apps but not all the time.
I got a similar issue on my iphone 7 from beta 5 and still happening now on beta 8 , where my keyboard appears normally, but if i scroll down to make it go , a visual bug would happen and the screen will go blank and the bottom of the keyboard would appear on the top of the screen . I was hoping that ios 14 beta 8 would fix it because it’s nearly the global release but no 🤷🏻‍♂️
Still having this issue in iOS 14 GM. Using "reduce motion" does not fix. Seeing it when using auto filled password, after inputting Passcode.
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yo does anyone still have this problem cuz it’s still happening to me n it’s annoying i can’t swipe up on my convos on snapchat
After installing iOS14 on my iPhone 11, my keyboard now lags and/or freezes requiring a restart. This is terribly inconvenient. The issue occurs when using the search bar and also in some apps. Safari has crashed a few times as well. When will another update be released to fix this keyboard bug?
Same here. My Snapchat chat messes up everytime I lower the keyboard and it won’t let me see the chat and bottom part of the keyboard glitches to the top of the screen.. also had issues with Instagram while searching users
Ios14- iPhone 7
same issue, normally the screen would have space bar at bottom but when attempting to scroll SNAPCHAT the space bar is at top of screen and can no longer do anything.
also happens on other apps I have.
1 easy solution is switch number pad to regular keyboard pad, drag the keyboard bottom icon to the screen bottom. it will switch keyboard.
Turning off reduced motion on iphone 7 works!
I've got the same problem - iPadOs 14.0.1 on iPad Mini 5 - keyboard won't pop up in web views from discord or Links added to home page (so, seems to be related to the web view)
Safari and other Browsers, as well as the apps I tried, all works fine. Reboot fixes for a time. Nothing else I've tried so far seemed to help (reduce motion was already disabled, resetting dictionary did nothing either)