Iphone 12 won't open any app and can't restart.

I was using my iPhone 12 and all of a sudden no apps can be opened and the phone cant restart.
  • I had just installed (including a migration from an old iMac) a new iMac with the latest software and backed up my iPhone12 to the Mac I left the iPhone attached to the iMac. when I came back the phone told me the SIM card was locked. It wouldn't, however, let me put any numbers in and I kept getting fast acoustic messages about the keys I touched on the screen, a feature I had activated for the iMac!. The phone had previously been activated for face recognition, the iMac for finger print. I did the side button combination (top left, quick; bottom left, quick; right longer and the Power off motive lights up but doesn't work. This can be repeated without being physically connected to the iMac. My phone and now my IWatch are not seen by my IMac although they were a few hours before. What on Earth is happening here? I see here no rhyme nor reason.

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I’m having the same problem on the pro, i tried the volume up, volume down, side button trick but it did not work, any solutions?
  • There's only one answer but it's pretty painful but you have to wait for your phone to die it will 100% work but it's a long wait I don't recommend it unless your phone is low but also attempt to plug it up to a pc and then try to restart it from there if that's possible that is about all I know the volume up volume down truck won't work because in this process your power off and on button will be disabled meaning that there is no possible way to power on / off attempt to use Siri to maybe restart it for you but I never tried that maybe if it happens again you should try that

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I just got this phone a week ago and the same thing is happening to me now. Super bummed.
My father had the same problem so we called apple support and this is what they had us do. If the side bottom and one of the volume bottoms don’t work to reset your phone try pressing the volume up then volume down button quickly then holding side button until the power off screen comes on. Slide power off then wait for a few seconds before turning it back on. Make sure you can open your apps. To ensure it works reset again and wait ten seconds then turn back on.
  • this worked! Thank you

  • Thank you so much! You saved me so much time!!

  • Thank you !

I just tried using the suggested fix and by selecting “volume up, volume down, then the side power button” I was able to see the option to power off my phone. When I restarted it; i was able to access my apps again and it’s just like new.
I have been having this same problem. The fix that is working for me is to turn my phone to airplane mode for a second then turn it off and all my apps can open again. It’s a lot quicker then resetting my phone every time.
  • Turning on airplane mode then doing the volume up, volume down, then side button finally got my phone to turn off. My apps are working again. Thank you!

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The suggestions are not working for me and my iphone
I have also the same problem. Unable to launch any apps or restart the iPhone 12 Pro
This Same Thing Is Happening To My IPhone 12 Pro Max
I have an Iphone 12 pro max and this same problem has happened to me too. I have tried all of the suggestions and nothing appears. I can see the apps, but it will not let me choose any.
Ya, I got the same problem.
no app responsive and can’t launch any of them.
also can’t restart iPhone.
no camera.

I have to wait 6 hours until my phone shut down due to battery consuming. Accordingly, charge again and work properly.
The question for Apple, why does it happen??
  • does this work ? do i have to wait till it turns off?

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I am having the same problem that my apps are crashing on my new iPhone 12 pro but don't know why?
Here's the solutions

Step 1. Tell siri to enable AssistiveTouch
Step 2. Click on the light black circle button
Step 3. Click on Device > More > Then click on restart

DONE! ;)
  • thank you buddy, you save my day! Apple should fix this asap

  • Thank you! Apple support online could not help me & I found this thread afterwards. You saved me from wasting time on an appointment with Apple Store. Have a great day!

  • Tried all the tricks of press & hold home along with up & down buttons but didn’t work. This was the only solution that helped! Thanks a lot for this magic trick @TheKingSALEEM007 it saved a lot of my time!

I also am unable to open any apps on iPhone 12 did you find a solution. I click on various apps enter my passcode and it hangs and returns back to enter passcode. I have tried switching off and resetting. Did you find a solution?

I’ve been having the same issue. I got my phone 2 weeks ago, and all of a sudden today it’s started doing the same thing. Nothing has worked for me, I managed to use assistive touch to turn my phone off but when I turn it back on it does the same thing

Long Press your side button or say "Hey Siri" and ask Siri to switch on assistive touch. Once you do that, touch the hovering button and then touch Device -> Restart. You should be all set!

  • I have found that if there are too many Apps open, the iPhone 12 Pro freezes up.

    I swipe up and close all the open Apps and the problem is resolved without restarting the device.

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