Apple Developer Program Membership Fee Waivers

Apple Developer Program membership is available at no cost for eligible organizations. Find out if your organization qualifies and how to request a waiver.


You can request to have the annual Apple Developer Program membership fee waived if you’re a nonprofit organization, accredited educational institution, or government entity that will distribute only free apps on the App Store and is based in an eligible region. Apple will review your request and contact you to let you know if your request is approved.

Eligible regions: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China mainland, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, United Kingdom, United States.

New members

To join the Apple Developer Program at no cost as an eligible organization, select the option to request a fee waiver when completing enrollment. If the fee waiver is approved, your organization will not need to pay for membership when completing your enrollment.

Existing members

Account Holders of eligible organizations can submit a fee waiver at any time before their membership expiration date. This waiver requires a tax ID/national ID, which is a number assigned by local government agencies to identify a business within the local market. Examples include the VAT Number in Europe, the Siret Number in France, the Company Number in Australia, and the State Registry Number in Brazil. If the fee waiver is approved, the organization will no longer need to pay an annual fee upon renewal. Full or partial refunds for existing memberships are not available.

Additional details

All requests to waive membership fees will be reviewed by Apple. If you distribute a paid app or an app with in-app purchase on the App Store after your fee waiver is approved, you will be responsible for the annual membership fee of 99 USD, or in local currency where available.

Fee waivers are not available for:

  • Organizations distributing paid apps or apps with in-app purchase on the App Store.
  • Members of the Apple Developer Enterprise Program.
  • Individuals and sole proprietors/single-person businesses.

Fee waivers for other regions will be added as they become available. If you have questions, please contact us.