View Sales and Trends

Download and view reports

You can download App Store Sales and Trends reports directly from App Store Connect.

Learn about downloading reports using App Store Connect API or Reporter.

The following reports are available for download in Sales and Trends:

  • Summary Sales Report. Aggregated sales and download data for your apps and In-App Purchases.

  • Sales Events Report. The dates of significant sales events for your apps and in-app purchases across various countries or regions and devices.

  • Pre-Order Report. Aggregated data for your apps you’ve made available for pre-order, including the number of units ordered and canceled by customers.

  • Subscription Report. Total number of Active Subscriptions, Subscriptions with Introductory Prices, and Marketing Opt-Ins for your auto-renewable subscriptions.

  • Subscription Event Report. Aggregated data about subscriber activity, including upgrades, renewals, and introductory price conversions.

  • Subscriber Report. Transaction-level data about subscriber activity using randomly generated Subscriber IDs.

  • Subscription Offer Redemption Report. Details on the total number of subscription offer code redemptions, including the dates redemptions occurred and from which country or region.

  • Magazine & Newspapers Report. Transaction-level data for Magazines & Newspapers apps

    Note: Starting January 1, 2024, this report will no longer be generated. Previous reports will remain available for one year after they were generated.

Time zone: Reports are based on Pacific Time (PT). A day includes transactions that happened from 12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. PT.

Download and view reports

  1. From the App Store Connect homepage, click Sales and Trends.

  2. On the left side, choose Sales and Trends Reports.

  3. Scroll to the Report that you want to download.

  4. Choose a vendor and date or report period.

  5. Click Download.

  6. Unzip the compressed GZIP (.gz) file by opening it or using a utility.

    On macOS, double-click on the compressed GZIP (.gz) file to unzip it.

  7. Open the extracted tab-delimited text (.txt) file in a spreadsheet application.

    On macOS, control-click the tab-delimited text (.txt) file to open a shortcut menu and select Open With. Or right-click to open a shortcut menu on Windows.

Why don't my reports from Sales and Trends match up with reports from Payments and Financial Reports?

Sales and Trends provides next-day data so that you can view the performance of your app and in-app purchases, while Payments and Financial Reports provide final proceeds. Learn about differences in reporting.

Why do some transactions show zero proceeds, even though my app isn't free?

Your reports include app updates. Updates are always free and these transactions will show Product Type Identifier 7. App sales will show Product Type Identifier 1 and can either be free or paid.

Why are there refunds for an amounts that are less than the customer price?

Customers that paid for subscriptions may get prorated or partial refunds to factor in the content they’ve already received.