Responding to Reviews on the App Store

Positive ratings and reviews can encourage customers to download or purchase your app. By delivering great responses to users' comments and assisting those who have questions about your app, you can create a better user experience, drive increased engagement, and improve your app’s rating.

Communicating with Customers

The ideal response is concise and clearly addresses your customer's feedback. Communicate in the tone of your brand, and use terminology your target audience will appreciate and understand. If multiple people in your company can reply to reviews for your app, they should use a similar voice and style. Make sure your replies follow Apple’s Terms and Conditions, which prohibits using profanity, posting users’ personal information, and spamming.

Individualized responses can be a valuable tool in helping you create strong relationships with your users and letting them know you value their feedback. In some cases, you can combine a personalized introduction with a more generic response when answering similar concerns. You can also foster deeper engagement by asking users for feedback on future app updates as part of your reply.

Once a user indicates that your response answered their question or fixed their technical issue, consider asking them to update their rating and review.

Timing Your Responses

Be timely and consistent when replying to customer reviews. By addressing your customer's feedback quickly, you can have more direct dialogue with them when they’re most interested in sharing their feedback, which will help you sustain user engagement. Consider setting up email alerts within iTunes Connect Users and Roles, which will notify you when a user edits a review you previously replied to.

Prioritizing Your Responses

If you can’t respond to every review, try prioritizing reviews with the lowest star ratings or those mentioning technical issues with the most current version of your app. You could also consider replying to all feedback immediately following a major release of your app.

You can use filtering in iTunes Connect to find reviews with lower star ratings or from users in specific territories. For example, if your app recently launched in a new country, you could focus on replying to reviews from that country first. You can also use filtering to find reviews lacking responses or reviews that users have updated since your last response.

Leveraging Release Notes

When you release an app update that fixes issues users mentioned in older reviews, include this information in your release notes and consider replying to the relevant reviews to let them know that your update addressed their concerns. This can be an effective method for reengaging previously dissatisfied users.

Staying on Topic

Your responses should be topical and foster positive interactions with your customers. Replies shouldn’t be used to advertise or offer promo codes for other apps, services, or in-app purchases. Don’t offer users an incentive to change their review ratings in your responses. Manipulating reviews and incentivizing feedback violates the App Store Review Guidelines.

Reporting Concerns

Apple’s Terms and Conditions prohibits using profanity, posting users’ personal information, and spamming within replies. Users can use Report a Concern to flag responses that are offensive, off-topic, or otherwise inappropriate. If your reply violates Apple’s Terms and Conditions, you may be removed from the Apple Developer Program.

If you see a review that contains offensive material, spam, or other content that violates Apple’s Terms and Conditions, use the Report a Concern option under the review in iTunes Connect instead of replying to the review. The customer who wrote the review will not be notified that you reported a concern.

Managing Your Responses

You can respond to customer reviews of your apps on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. iTunes Connect users with the Admin or Customer Support role may reply to and edit responses to customer reviews on your App Store product page. For details on monitoring customer reviews, see the iTunes Connect Developer Guide.