Unable to verify Enterprise apps


For about an hour now I have not been able to verify enterprise apps on iOS.

The console logs: "Failed to verify provisioning profile *** with error 32". I have searched in previous posts and it seems that this happened before, and it is related to Apple verification server ppq.apple.com being down (which it is right now).

Has anyone else noticed this? Is this definitely an issue related to ppq.apple.com?

I have filed a bug but I wanted to post some info about this here in case anyone else has encountered this, and in hopes that it will be noticed by Apple quicker.


Update: as of 16:00 BST 12/07/16 it seems to be working again. However, ppq.apple.com still seems to be down... so it looks like the issues are not related...?


Same here. Tried it for like 3 Hours..

Seems we need to wait untill the servers are up again.


same issue here.

same problem here

Same here !!

Same problem on several devices same enterprise provisioning profile.

BTW on some devices installed successfully.

Same here!!

We can confirm this issue, and found the following logs:

online-auth-agent[183] <Error>: Caller does not have required entitlement 'com.apple.private.mis.trust.set'
online-auth-agent[183] <Error>:  SecTrustEvaluate  [leaf AnchorTrusted]
online-auth-agent[183] <Notice>: Server returned no data
online-auth-agent[183] <Notice>: Could not complete online authentication
online-auth-agent[183] <Warning>: session error: The request timed out.

We are having the same issue as well. We called support and the message said they are closed until 9AM CST.

having the same issue. https://ppq.apple.com link noted in https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204460

is rather gives network timeout or "Not found" reply. i beleive there is some DDOS attack os something. Let's wait apple to resolve this issue, but please keep calling to support ! ) we have an ongoing installation and that is something drives us really crazy today. the thing is we should not even see verify app button in the enteprise profile, especially if we already have it installed before, normaly iOS runs a check against one apple URL internally and allows app to be installed.

Same here !!

Same here in france

I'm getting popup's of "Untrusted Enterprise Developer" when launching IPA based apps that are deployed via our MDM. It's happening 9 out of 10 time I launch them, seems to be worse for freshly deployed apps.

Also having this problem, has it resolved for anyone else?

We are having the same issue. It's been on going for a while now.

so very dead.

same here.