Safari crashing iOS 14

Safari has been working fine since Monday. Here we are 6 days later and Safari on my iPhone wont load any websites without crashing. The app itself doesnt crash, just the tab crash's. Says problem repeatedly happened on this webpage and page title changes to "Webpage Crashed".

I have cleared all cookies and data, rebooted phone several times, perform force reboot/reset.

I'm kind of surprised that I'm the only one reporting this issue.
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  • This is still happening in July 2021 - I’m still experiencing pages crashing I apps since update to 14.6 - are Apple ever going to sort it out

  • Still happening to me July 15, 2021

  • This is happening to me on my iPad on 14.7.1 in September 2021. It drives me nuts.


You are not alone
I’ve been experiencing the same issue, they only way that I got safari to work now was by completely restoring my iPhone and using a backup from this morning I’m still running IOS 14 now and Safari now works
I haven't experienced this issue yet in Safari, it works fine for me. Try restarting your iPhone, and if it doesn't work you may have to restore your iPhone. Remember to back up your data before restoring.
It is happening to me too! Waiting for help because I cant be with my phone without being able to use safari
It's happening to me as well! "A problem repeatedly occurred.. then lists the website"
I have had the same problem with my iPhone 7. Even with Beta 3. Hopefully it gets solved soon. Restoring phone does not work.
Safari has crashed every time I try to use it since updating to IOS 14. The 14.1 update did not fix it either. I’m using Google at this moment. Most of my other apps don’t work correctly either. I’ve read they are working on a .2 version. I have restarted, cleared cookies too and it still won’t work.
I am on ios14.2 beta and Safair loads regular pages fine for me. But the "A problem repeatedly occurred.. " occurs to me when I visit babylon.js playground site (which uses WebGL rendering) and the page just crashed
bump, this is happening for us on safari and chrome
Same here but I’m sill on 13.7 but it started happening when ios14 was released...
Exactly the same here. Started happening 2 days ago. Seems to be only on sites using video content. i.e. Youtube and seems to happen when you start to scroll the site.

Apllied the latest update for the ipad and still crashes. Sometimes with the message of continued problems, sometimes it just goes black, shows the loading spinner and then asks you to sign in again!
delet google chorm and firefox browser from your device to resolved this problem

  • The problem occurs with ANY browser, included Safari. Deleting those apps make no difference.

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I do not have google chrome or Firefox on my iPad Pro. I cannot believe Apple has no solution for this problem. Never had any problems with iOS 13 versions. My safari has been crashing ever since upgrade whenever any video wants to run on any website. Help Apple!!! I don’t want to go back to Microsoft, but you are forcing me too!
How about force quitting it and relaunching it? Or try to force restart your iOS device. Of course, you could use professional iOS repair tools such as TunesKit iOS System Recovery if you would like to. Finally, the most direct and fastest way is to contact the Apple center/store for help.
I am having this issue as well with my web app. It uses babylon.js and webGL. hasn't worked since iOS14. Used to run fine on iOS 13. Need my app to work.. no idea what to do.