Can't save gifs anymore ios 14?

Can't save gifs, it just saves frame of it as a photo.
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  • Hello!!! Same problem here! please fix this!


    i had the same issue and used a “static” gif that was saved with just 1 frame on this site and it recognized it as a gif with the missing frames to, i wonder if it has to do with the photos app itself not displaying gifs properly? ive also noticed that i cant upload transparent bg images to discord without it loosing transparency and if your transparent image is too small (talking 100 x 100) then it also looses transparency but that one doesnt repost with transparency unlike this gif situation (however when i uploaded the small image with lost transparency to a photo editing/art app on my phone it DID upload with a transparent bg so idk what the deal is)

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Same issue here.

H E L P !!!
  • Select the GIF of your choosing. Long press the GIF. Open the GIF in another tab. When new tab opens, long press on GIF and "copy". Go to Messages and "paste" picture in the text space and send it to YOURSELF. When picture appears to be sent click on the SEND arrow. As it's being sent, long press on GIF and select "SEND AS TEXT MESSAGE". When you receive your own message long press GIF and select "SAVE". Check your camera role/Photos and it will be there working. Not a still photo.

  • Try this site..---->

  • Thank you @fauriemma1 - your directions worked!

I have the same issue, I’ve tried so many different ways and nothing seems to work...
  • See above. It really does work !!!!

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Sameee. Commenting to bump. This is crucial! Lol - for real tho. We want gifs!
  • Keep coming back to this hoping there has to be a fix by now........guess not 😢 (tear should be rolling but I have static issues)

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Same! The only way I’ve been able to work around this is to (when using Google) select “copy image” instead of “save image” then paste it to the message. The problem with that is you can’t save the gif until it’s sent (in iMessage or WhatsApp) which defeats the purpose of saving the gif especially if you want to edit it
Same here. One day had no issue saving gifs from Safari, etc. The next day everything saves as a static photo. Just had upgraded to iOS 14. This is annoying, there HAS to be a fix.
Same here. Mid size gif files can be stored. Large sized gif files not at all - only current frame
Me neither. And I only found out after saving a bunch
Same issue, hopefully this will be fixed.
Ok so im not the only one with this issue..?it only saves a frame of the gif.. It stopped working after I had updated to iOS 14 & still not resolved after recent update 14.0.1 neither..😔
Same here
Same here. Updated on iOS 14.1 but it didnt help. :/
Same. Can’t copy or save.

Apple hellllllllp!!
Has anybody found a reliable workaround?
I can’t save a gif from any browser and only safari will save a still image..
I updated to iOS 14.0.1 and, using safari, all the gifs I save from a tumblr url save as still images however when I google search for them and save them to my camera roll they will save and post as the original gif. Very frustrating and strange why it works on google images but not tumblr url.

The only workaround I have is to 'screen record' and then crop everything; which is very time consuming and more frustrating.
This is driving me f'ing nuts.
  • Me too! Still scrolling looking for a solution ☹️

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