iOS 16.0 beta 7 broke Text(Date(), style: .timer) in SwiftUI widgets

Hi, In my apps, the recent iOS 16.0 beta 7 (20A5356a) broke the .timer DateStyle property of the Text view, in a SwiftUI widget.

In previous OS and beta, Text(Date(), style: .timer) was correctly displaying an increasing counter.

In iOS 6.0 beta 7, Text(Date(), style: .timer) does not update anymore, (and is offset to the left).

The other DateStyle (like .offset, .relative, ...) seems to update correctly.

Anyone noticed that (very specific) problem ?

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Same issue here. I submit a feedback: FB11366424 (iOS 16.0 beta 7: Text(Date(), style: .timer) does not update in Widget)

Hope it is a bug and will get fixed soon!

  • The resolution of my issue has changed to a Potential fix identified - for a future OS update.

  • I think it is fixed in iOS 16.1 beta 3.

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Thank you.

Here is my feedback number FB11364016 as well.

Strangely, the problem does not appear on iPad (with iPadOS 16.1 beta 1 (20B5027f), released the same day).

So perhaps the implementations are different according tot he device, or the bug is already fixed.

I'm having this issue too. Glad I checked the forums! I submitted FB11388263 and mentioned the other two FBs in this thread.

iOS 16.0 beta 8 has the same problem

This is bad news... :(

I can confirm this too.

I wish Apple developers would read their forum / submitted feedbacks (which we spend time and energy on), and just say if the bug is under their radar.

OS regressions are the worst, and put us in a very awkward position with our app users.

Every developer team who meet this issue should open a feedback, I hope the number of feedbacks will raise the importance of this issue.

I'm tired of how many years this bug lasts. .timer had a long time alignment bug in widgets and had to use "multilineTextAlignment". We hoped this could be fixed in this update, but rather added a bigger bug. Developers modifying this module don't seem to be testing on widgets. It's time for the official version to be released soon, and I'm worried that it will be released without fixing any bugs.

Raised for iOS 16 beta 8: FB11419295.

Feedback assistant says that there are more than 10 recent similar reports, so at least they are aware about the problem (since someone merged them).

I'm also worried about the bug not being fixed before the non beta release, but this is a good sign.

  • That is a good sign, but the resolution is still open? I'm worried too and I'm not sure what should we do, do we need to remove the usage of this API to be prepared that the official release will carry this bug?

  • Yes, the issue is still open, and with no comments/answer from them.

    If I don't use this API, it will remove a big feature from my app, so for sure, some users will be upset anyway ... that's annoying.

    It works on iPad and with previous iOS versions, so the feature should be removed just for ios16 iPhone devices.

    All my (localised) App Store descriptions and screenshots should also be updated accordingly...

    so, for not I just 🤞🤞

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The timer counts in a .accessoryInline widget but not in .systemSmall, .accessoryCircular, or .accessoryRectangular widgets.

I had submitted feedback to Apple regarding this issue. The feedback has been marked "Investigation complete - Unable to diagnose with current information". This was my first feedback submission to Apple... and to be honest, it wasn't the best feedback -- I could see this resolution being just a way to close my feedback. I did not include any logs files (or any files). I described as best I could the situation with the ".timer" style Text field no longer automatically counting (in Home and Lock Screen widgets). I wasn't sure how to provide steps to reproduce this... as the API component configuration just doesn't function (as it was).

Anyway, I'm just adding my experiences to this thread. I'm curious if any of you have had better luck with your feedback. (And if you have any pointers on better feedback, I'll take 'em)

  • My feedback status is still "Open".

    "Unable to diagnose with current information" looks like they need more information about this issue, like a sample project that can reproduce this issue. I create a small project with Home Screen widgets using Text .timer format.

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From another related post:

@ricob : "Hi, we are aware of the issue. Please follow the iOS 16 beta release notes for updates on when this will be fixed."

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The RC still does not fix this issue, we removed all the usage of this API.

Since the RC hasn't fixed this at all, I can only hope they put out a further release candidate before the main public release.

None of my widgets work properly now. "How are your Watch complications?" Well, they don't work at all. They kind of work in the Simulator, but on a real device they're fubar'd.

Pretty shocking release from Apple, and zero help from their engineers on these forums.

This is so bad. I'm preparing a new (degraded) version of my apps in case they don't fix it.