Configure capabilities

Create a services identifier and private key for WeatherKit

To communicate with the Apple Weather service on the web, you’ll use an authentication private key to sign one or more developer tokens.

Register a services identifier

  1. In Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, click Identifiers in the sidebar.

  2. On the top left, click the add button (+), select Services IDs, then click Continue.

  3. Provide a description for the key.

  4. Enter a reverse-domain name style string for the identifier, then click Continue.

  5. Review the information, then click Register.

  6. Click Done.

Note: All registered Services IDs are eligible for use with WeatherKit.

Use an authentication private key to sign one or more tokens

  1. Register a services identifier.

  2. Create and download a private key with WeatherKit enabled.

  3. Get the key identifier (kid) to create a JSON Web Token (JWT) that you’ll use to communicate with the capabilities you enabled.

Note: An authentication key with WeatherKit enabled is needed to be eligible to make requests for all registered Services IDs.

If you suspect a private key is compromised, first create a new private key associated with the services identifier. Then, after transitioning to the new key, revoke the old private key.