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Apple Pay Later merchandising

Apple Pay Later merchandising enables apps and websites to message the availability and benefits of Apple Pay Later by displaying the Apple Pay Later visual merchandising widget. To enable Apple Pay Later merchandising, you must agree to the latest Apple Pay Later merchandising terms available on

Configure Apple Pay Later merchandising on the web

  1. In Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, click Services in the sidebar.
  2. Under Apple Pay, click Configure.
  3. If presented, agree to the latest available Apple Pay Later merchandising terms.
  4. Click the add button (+) on the top left to register new web domains.
  5. Provide a comma-separated list of web domains where you plan to use this feature. Remove any URL schemas (https) and domain extensions from domains you register.
  6. Click Submit to register the domains.
  7. Once registered you can copy the individual signed tokens to include in your website or optionally download a CSV containing all tokens.

Note: The account holder role is required to sign the Apple Pay Later merchandising terms. You may register wildcards to support your domain and any subdomains (e.g., *