Provisioning profile updates

A provisioning profile authorizes your app to use certain app services and ensures that you’re a known developer developing, uploading, or distributing your app. A provisioning profile contains a single App ID that matches one or more of your apps and a distribution certificate.

DER-encoded profiles

In Xcode 13 beta 1 and later, new provisioning profiles that include a DER-encoded version of the provisioning profile are issued to developers. These new provisioning profiles are fully backwards compatible. The DER-encoded versions are included in provisioning profiles for all platforms and distribution types.

In iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS 15 or later, some entitlements without “” in the entitlement key may require the DER-encoded version to be included in the provisioning profile. If you experience an issue installing an app featuring one of these entitlements, you can generate and include a new provisioning profile in your app. Apps distributed in the App Store are not affected by this requirement.

Provisioning updates for teams created after June 6, 2021

New Apple Developer Program memberships created after June 6, 2021, require development- and ad-hoc-signed apps for iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS to check in with the PPQ service when the app is first launched. Your device must be connected to the internet to verify the certificate used to sign your app. If you're behind a firewall, make sure that it's configured to allow connections to If the device can't successfully make a connection, the app may not launch. If your app is running in a highly restrictive network environment or you need to temporarily build offline, alternative workflows are available.

  • Offline development profiles

    Building apps at an offsite location with limited network connection may prevent check-in with the PPQ service. To support the continuation of building and running apps offline for a short duration, we provide offline provisioning profiles. When creating provisioning profiles in Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles for iOS, iPadOS, or tvOS development- and adhoc-signed apps, a new option appears when selecting your App ID that lets you create an offline provisioning profile valid for 7 days. This option appears for members of development teams created after June 6, 2021.

  • Extended offline provisioning profile validity support

    Some apps need to run in highly restricted network environments where making outbound calls for an extended period of time is not possible. If your app needs to run offline for more than 30 days after first launch, submit a request for extended offline provisioning profile validity support. A request form will be coming soon.