Discovery on the App Store

To help users find great apps and games, our teams of editors around the world choose apps to feature on the App Store. Find out about the different collections on the App Store and the characteristics featured apps have in common.


This tab shows the latest apps and games selected by each region’s editorial team. Our editors curate app collections especially for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV to showcase the best apps for each platform. This includes outstanding new releases, major updates to existing apps, and well-localized, culturally relevant apps.

From the Featured tab, users can navigate to editorial collections, which showcase apps based on themes, interests, and seasonal or cultural events. Users can also find content organized by categories.


This tab allows users to find apps and games organized by categories. An app may be displayed in the primary or secondary category that a developer has assigned to it.

Top Charts

The App Store’s best-selling or most-downloaded apps and games are listed here. Top charts are organized by Free, Paid, and Top Grossing.

Top charts are available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. Category-specific charts are also available on iPhone and iPad.


Users can find apps by app name, keywords, or developer name.

In addition to getting the most accurate match for their search query, users are also shown suggested search terms to make it easy to find what they’re looking for.

On the App Store for iPhone, users can view Trending Searches to see what other users in their region are searching for.

Getting Featured

Featured apps all have one thing in common — they offer unique value to users. We look for high-quality apps across all categories, with a particular focus on new apps and apps with significant updates.

There is no paid placement or checklist of requirements — our editors base their decisions on a variety of factors, all of which amount to a great product that users will love. Factors that our editors consider include:

  • User interface design: the usability, appeal, and visual quality of the app
  • User experience: the efficiency and functionality of the app
  • Innovation: apps that solve a unique problem for users and take advantage of the latest Apple technologies
  • High-quality and relevant localizations
  • Integration of accessibility features
  • A strong App Store product page
  • Uniqueness

For games, editors also consider:

  • Gameplay and level of engagement
  • Graphics and performance
  • Audio
  • Depth and narrative
  • Ability to replay
  • Gameplay controls

If you have a new app or a significant update that you think we should tell users about, let us know at least three weeks in advance of your launch.