Discovery on the App Store

The App Store showcases your amazing apps and helps customers find new favorites. It’s also where our editors share stories about inspiring developers and their incredible work. Find out how customers can discover your apps on the App Store, and learn how our editors select apps and developers to feature.

Today Tab

The Today tab is a daily destination with original stories from our editors around the world, featuring exclusive premieres, new releases, a fresh look at our all-time favorites, an App of the Day, a Game of the Day, and more. It offers tips and how-to guides to help customers use apps in innovative ways, and showcases interviews with inspiring developers. Stories share Apple’s unique perspective on apps and games and how they impact our lives, using artwork, videos, and developer quotes to bring your apps to life.

Games and Apps Tabs

The App Store is also the world’s best game store, with dedicated experiences for games and apps that inform and engage customers through recommendations on new releases and updates, videos, top charts, and handpicked collections and categories. Both tabs also feature app preview videos that autoplay with muted audio as customers scroll through the tabs, and selected in-app purchases — which customers can start buying directly on the App Store.

Product Page

Use your product page to help customers find and engage with your app through thoughtfully crafted metadata. Your app icon, name, subtitle, app previews, and screenshots are often the first elements of your app that customers see, so it’s essential to make a strong impression. Your description and promotional text are opportunities to engage customers and highlight the features and functionality that make your app unique.

To start preparing your apps, see Making the Most of Your Product Page.

Promoted In-App Purchases

Customers can browse in-app purchases directly on the App Store and start a purchase even before downloading your app, helping your app’s content gain exposure. You can promote up to 20 in-app purchases, including subscriptions, on your app’s product page. They can also appear in search results and may be featured by our editorial team.

To start preparing your apps, see Promoting Your In-App Purchases.