Use video to create arresting still images.

Cinemagraph Pro streamlines and simplifies a once complex process for creating mesmerizing hybrid still/video images in a new medium. Users can swiftly navigate through a full set of robust editing modes to customize still frames, create seamless loops, add effects, adjust exposure, and more. The final result, or flixel, can be saved as HD video, UHD video, or as a simple GIF, and shared to a variety of social networks including Flixel’s own community. Built on powerful OS X technologies such as AVFoundation, Open GL, and Core Image, Cinemagraph Pro offers unique “live-masking” technology that enables one to preview living images in real time and output high resolution hybrid photographs. Cinemagraph Pro is power-optimized and takes full advantage of OS X Mavericks, including Auto Layout, Localizations, Asset Library, Full Screen, Notification Center, NSURLSession, and NSURLConnection. This 64-bit app supports 4k video and Retina display, and utilizes OpenCL to harness the full power of OS X Mavericks on the Mac Pro.

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Based in Toronto, Canada, the Flixel Photos development team consists of three Cocoa developers who build the OS X and iOS Cinemagraph Pro apps, as well as two web developers, a designer, and a QA engineer. The members of the Cocoa team have a long history of developing products for Apple platforms. They draw on a wide range of experience in science and engineering to create an app that embodies the union of technology and art.