Go on an epic adventure to find the cunning and mysterious thief who stole your gold.

Intricate and nuanced, this game brings the best attributes of the console game platform to mobile. Players use simple yet creative controls to move through a beautifully drawn fantasy world, expanding or shrinking the character for varying effects in movement. From a mossy forest to a pirate city, this 64-bit app shows meticulous details and stunning visual effects by leveraging OpenGL ES and Texture Streaming. In addition to support for Apple device game controllers, Background Fetch, OpenAL, Localizations, Game Center, and iCloud are also supported.

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These teams came together with a common goal — to push boundaries as they strive to find new methods and opportunities in high quality game creation. Johan Knutzen and Shahrouz Zolfaghari are Senri, a software development firm who hired artist Karin Bruér for this project. Anders Hejdenberg is a game designer at 1337. All are based in Sweden.