Guide a silent princess through a fantasy world by manipulating unique architectural monuments.

Monument Valley is non-traditional game experience composed of a small number of consistently delightful chapters. Equally accessible and engaging to gamers of all levels, the start-to-finish experience is akin to a walk through a museum or listening to a music album. While Monument Valley is intuitive enough to play without instructions, the game has aesthetic and functional depth because each screen works not only as an interactive puzzle, but also as a proper architectural structure and a finely-crafted composition within the frame. Monument Valley was inspired by the impossible illustrations of M.C. Escher and was further informed by Indian architecture, typography posters, the music of Brian Eno, and more. This fresh experience is powered by iCloud, Camera, Share Sheets, OpenGL Frame Capture, and Localizations.

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Founded nearly 10 years ago, ustwo is a global digital product studio with offices in the United Kingdom, United States, and Sweden. They are dedicated to designing experiences that put the user first without compromise, and feel that iOS is the perfect platform for this mission. The London games team, now consisting of eight people, experimented with apps for iOS for several years before creating Monument Valley.