Document and share meaningful experiences by combining photos, video, and text.

Storehouse - Visual Storytelling’s stunning, intuitive, customizable layouts let users tell their stories with grace and share them quickly through social media. Fully optimized for iOS, the app has a powerful gestural interface and a seamless method for quickly importing media from Camera Roll. Users can also discover and comment on stories from around the world by exploring the Storehouse global community. Storehouse is 64-bit and thoroughly modern, using UIView Snapshotting, TextKit, UIMotion Effects, Interactive View Controller Transitioning, NSURL Session, and NSProgress.

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Storehouse is a 10-person start-up based in San Francisco. They are 100% focused on iOS and have built the company around the idea that the iPad is not only the best media consumption device, but also the best creation tool. Their mission is to enable the world to tell beautiful and meaningful stories.