App Store stuck In review loop - Help

I've googled this topic in depth and it seems like there is no answer, but since I have a little hope left, does anyone know or have an idea what is the best approach to get the app reviewed once it's been stuck in it for 2 weeks +

The app was rejected multiple times because the tester had no idea what he/she was doing, imagine, they were putting the login credentials in a feature inside the app that was asking for something different, this people clearly don't know what they are doing, so that caused me to get rejected multiple times until I had to explain it like if it were a 3 years old, and now it's stuck in review.

I self rejected it 2 days ago after 2+ weeks in review because I had already developed more features, the app is literally lagging behind because of the review process, so I don't know what to do, I thought to delete the app from the app store and re-upload creating a new bundle to maybe get out of the loop but that's not the solution.

Here's the long list of people that had the same problem in the past with no clear solution:

Of course I contact apple review team via email (the only way since they don't have a phone number, this feels like a monopoly...) and they don't replay back, nothing... not even app status. I also did the form to expedite the review process and I haven't heard back.

Can someone please advice what to do? I've read people waiting even 1-2 months, I can't wait that long for 1 update. What do I do?