Requesting interoperability with iOS in the European Union

Apple has designed a new process for developers of iOS apps in the European Union to request additional interoperability with hardware and software features built into iPhone and iOS under Article 6(7) of the EU Digital Markets Act (DMA). Apple will evaluate each request and inform you about the outcome of its review. If you would like to ask questions or share feedback on Apple’s developer tools and services, you may also contact us through Apple Developer Forums, or Feedback Assistant instead.

Get started by submitting your request

Get started with requesting effective interoperability with iOS by submitting the request form. Your Apple Developer Program membership must be in good standing and have entered into the current terms of the Apple Developer Program License Agreement. Please note that all correspondence with you about your request will also include the Account Holder for your Apple Developer Program membership.

You’ll need to answer some questions to ensure that Apple can review your request. Make sure to provide complete answers on the request form to help avoid delays. We may contact you if additional information is required and will notify you of the outcome of our review. Apple’s review and conclusions are very specific to each request.

After a request is submitted

Initial assessment

Apple will make an initial assessment of your request, as well as determine based on the available information whether your request appears to fall within Article 6(7) of the DMA. Apple may contact you if additional information is required to evaluate your request. Apple will aim to inform you of the outcome of the initial assessment.

Tentative project plan

Based on Apple’s initial assessment of the appropriateness of your request and whether it falls within Article 6(7) of the DMA, Apple will start working on designing a solution for effective interoperability with the requested feature. Apple considers multiple factors when designing effective interoperability solutions. The integrity of iOS will always be among the important considerations for Apple. If appropriate, Apple will aim to create a tentative project plan following the initial assessment. Apple will provide updates every 90 days. If Apple determines that it’s not feasible to design an effective interoperability solution or that it is not appropriate to do so under the DMA Apple will communicate that to you.

Development and release of the interoperability solution

To the extent an effective interoperability solution is feasible and appropriate under the DMA, Apple will subsequently develop the solution. Development is highly specific to each request. Apple will notify you when your interoperability request is addressed in a prerelease or software update. Additionally, Apple will release the relevant technical documentation describing how developers can address each solution.

Frequently asked questions

If my project requires effective interoperability with multiple aspects of iOS, should I submit one request or multiple requests?

You should submit one request describing the full set of features and capabilities that you believe you need for effective interoperability.

Can I follow up with Apple about my request?

Apple will aim to communicate the results of the initial assessment and will reach out to you if additional information is needed. If your request appears to be eligible and if Apple determines that it is feasible to design an effective interoperability solution, Apple will aim to create the tentative project plan and communicate it to you. Apple will provide updates to you every 90 days. If you don’t receive a response within the timeframe or if you need to provide additional information about your request, you can reply to the email thread.

How will I know when Apple has released the feature I requested?

We’ll notify you when your feature request is addressed in a pre-release or software update.