Configure in-app purchase settings

Overview for configuring in-app purchases

In-app purchases let people securely buy content, features, or services within your app using the StoreKit framework.

You can create up to 10,000 in-app purchase products per app. There are four in-app purchase types: consumables, non-consumables, auto-renewable subscriptions, and non-renewing subscriptions.

Learn more about in-app purchases.

  1. Accept the Paid Applications Agreement

    To offer in-app purchases, your membership Account Holder will need to accept the Paid Applications Agreement in the Agreements, Tax, and Banking section of App Store Connect.

  2. Configure in-app purchases in App Store Connect

    Next, configure in-app purchases for your app in App Store Connect. Every in-app purchase must be associated with a specific app and isn’t available for use in other apps. However, in-app purchases can be shared across your app’s platform versions (iOS, macOS, tvOS) if they're part of the same app record in App Store Connect.

    You'll have the option to add metadata, such as a display name and description, and choose your in-app purchase pricing. As you develop your app, you can add and remove in-app purchases and refine or reconfigure your existing ones. You can add in-app purchases by following the steps in Create consumable or non-consumable in-app purchases or using the App Store Connect API.

  3. Enable in-app purchase in Xcode

    Add the in-app purchase capability to your app in Xcode, making sure that the bundle identifier and product identifiers in Xcode match the identifiers for your app and in-app purchases in App Store Connect.

    Note: For a watchOS app with an iOS app, the capability only needs to be added to the iOS app.

  4. Design and create your in-app purchase

    Use the In-App Purchase API to implement in-app purchases. View documentation.

  5. Test in-app purchases

    Apple provides a testing environment, called sandbox, which allows you to test in-app purchases without incurring charges, using special test accounts. Learn how to create sandbox Apple IDs.

    Test each part of your code to verify that you’ve implemented it correctly by using your app to make in-app purchases. Learn about testing with sandbox.

    You can further test your app and in-app purchases using TestFlight.

  6. Publish on the App Store

    When you're done testing your in-app purchases, you'll be able to submit for review. Make sure you aren't missing any required information before submitting.