Get More from Your Product Pages

Later this year, you’ll be able to make your product page even more relevant and effective for customers on the App Store with product page optimization and custom product pages. Learn how you can use these features to share your app in new ways with customers on the App Store on iOS and iPadOS.

Product page optimization

Try different app icons, screenshots, and app previews on your default App Store product page and compare their performance to understand what users like most. For example, you might see if changing your app icon to a different style drives better conversion or if highlighting a particular feature in your screenshots will increase downloads in a specific localization. Try up to three different treatments in addition to your original product page to see which gets the best results. You’ll be able to use App Analytics in App Store Connect to view impressions, conversion rate, and improvement — and compare their performance throughout the duration of your test, which can run up to 90 days. You can then make the top-performing treatment the one all customers will see.

  • Consider limiting how many elements you test at once so you can more easily determine which one led to a particular result.
  • Any alternate metadata you test needs to be submitted for review.
  • Treatments that only include alternate screenshots and app previews can be submitted for review independent of a new app version.
  • If you want to test alternate app icons, all variants of your icon (including the 1024 by 1024 pixel version for the App Store) must be included in the binary of your published app.

Test different app icons, screenshots, and app previews to see which performs best.

Custom product pages

Create additional versions of your App Store product page that showcase different features or content within your app — such as a particular sport, character, show, or gameplay feature — to reach users who might be most interested in them. Custom product pages can have promotional text, screenshots, and app previews that are different from those on your default product page. You can direct specific audiences to a relevant product page using its unique URL — for example, you might promote a particular sports team in your marketing and link to the custom product page that highlights that team.

  • Create new pages at any time in App Store Connect and submit them for review independent of your app updates.
  • Publish up to 35 custom product pages at a time.
  • Monitor the success of each custom product page by viewing impressions, downloads, conversion rate, and more in App Analytics.
  • Measure retention data and average proceeds per paying user for each custom product page, so you can see how it performs over time.

Create up to 35 custom product pages with varying promotional text, screenshots, and app previews for different audiences.