What’s New

Apple Design Resources Update - New and updated watchOS UI elements and templates available

This Apple Design Resources update includes the following changes.


  • Added new watchKit interface elements (Photoshop and Sketch): Action sheet, Activity rings, alert, Apple Pay button, buttons, list picker, menus, movie, pagination dots, round button, separator, side-by-side alert, Siri Shortcuts (watchOS 5), sliders, switches, table row layouts, tinted side-by-side buttons, volume (watchOS 5)
  • Added design templates for Modular watch face with complications and Siri watch face with Siri Shortcut (Photoshop and Sketch)
  • Added color guide (Photoshop and Sketch)
  • Added Adobe color palette (Photoshop and Sketch)
  • Added system color palette (Photoshop and Sketch)
  • Simplified and updated layout guidelines (Photoshop and Sketch)
  • Added new text styles to dynamic type chart (Photoshop and Sketch)
  • Moved all Sketch files from pixels to points

WWDC 2018 - Apple Design Resources

The WWDC 2018 Apple Design Resources update includes the following changes.


  • Introduces design resources for Keynote, including most UIKit controls, bars, views, and system interface elements
  • Added new iPad UI elements for 1:1 split view, action sheet, activity view controller (share sheet), form sheet, index bars, keyboards, Master detail views, multitasking 2:1 split view, navigation bars, notifications, page sheet, popover, popovers, progress bar, single app landscape, slide over, sliders, status bars, tab bars, table view cells, text field, and toolbars (Sketch)
  • Added a date picker (Sketch)
  • Added a shape button (Sketch)
  • Added centered navigation bar buttons (Sketch)
  • Added disabled states for navigation bar buttons and alert buttons (Sketch)
  • Added navigation bar accessories for left and right side with two text buttons (Sketch)
  • Added UIKit glyphs for navigation bars, toolbars, tab bars, Home Screen Quick Actions, and activity views (Sketch)
  • Added various navigation bars with prompts (Sketch and Photoshop)
  • Fixed separator colors in light table view cells (Sketch)
  • Fixed widget scaling and added expanded widget (Sketch)
  • Table view cell backgrounds are now optional (Sketch)
  • Updated appearance of switch (Sketch and Photoshop)
  • Updated compact and expanded notification designs for iPhone X (Sketch and Photoshop)
  • Updated keyboards and autocomplete bars for iPhone X only (Sketch only)


  • Added AirPlay glyph (for use in iOS apps only)
  • Added HomeKit glyph (for use in iOS apps only)

WWDC 2018 - Human Interface Guidelines

The WWDC 2018 Human Interface Guidelines update includes the following changes.


  • Implemented refined, more consistent navigation
  • Elevated cross-platform technology guidance
  • Implemented numerous bug fixes and editorial changes