What’s New

New Symbols Added

SF Symbols beta 2 includes the following new symbols. To browse the full set of symbols, download the SF Symbols app.

  • arrow.branch
  • bolt.badge.a, bolt.badge.a.fill,,
  • capsule, capsule.fill
  • checkmark.shield, checkmark.shield.fill
  • decrease.quotelevel
  • exclamationmark.shield, exclamationmark.shield.fill
  • gobackward.10.hi, gobackward.15.hi, gobackward.30.hi, gobackward.45.hi, gobackward.60.hi, gobackward.75.hi, gobackward.90.hi
  • goforward.10.hi, goforward.15.hi, goforward.30.hi, goforward.45.hi, goforward.60.hi, goforward.75.hi, goforward.90.hi
  • hexagon, hexagon.fill
  • hifispeaker, hifispeaker.fill
  • increase.quotelevel
  • lightbulb, lightbulb.fill, lightbulb.slash, lightbulb.slash.fill
  • lock.shield, lock.shield.fill
  • message,,, message.fill
  • person.3, person.3.fill
  • rectangle.stack.badge.person.crop, rectangle.stack.fill.badge.person.crop
  • shield.slash, shield.slash.fill
  • speaker.zzz.fill.rtl, speaker.zzz.rtl
  • sportscourt, sportscourt.fill
  • tram.fill
  • xmark.shield, xmark.shield.fill

Human Interface Guidelines Updated

The Human Interface Guidelines now include:

  • More elevated guidance for cross-platform technologies
  • Numerous bug fixes and editorial changes




iOS and macOS Resources Updated


  • Support for Dark Mode
  • Tinted controls support appearance overrides. Choose from system-provided tint colors or use your own.
  • Toolbars, tab bars, and navigation bar buttons integrate with the new SF Symbols feature. Copying and pasting glyphs from the SF Symbols app into the Sketch Symbol overrides the inspector.
  • Non-default Dynamic Type text styles removed for a simpler text style menu.
  • New text styles:
    • Left, Center, and Right alignments for all text styles
    • Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and Quaternary text style variants of all text styles
    • Dark text variants of all text styles
    • Bold, Italic, and Bold Italic text style variants for Large Title, Title1, Title2, Title3, and Headline
    • Italic text style variant for Headline
  • Appearance styles added for new and updated iOS system colors:
    • Fill colors
    • Separator colors
    • Label colors
    • Background colors
    • Grouped background colors
    • Tint colors
  • Control appearances updated, including:
    • Segmented control
    • Stepper
    • Slider
  • Background texture updated for:
    • Navigation bar
    • Toolbar
    • Tab Bar
  • New card-style modal sheet options for Navigation Bars
  • ApplePay buttons added
  • Sign in with Apple buttons added
  • Appearance of Info and Add buttons updated
  • Home Screen Quick Action appearance updated
  • Activity View Controller (Share Sheet) updated
  • iPad Form and Page Sheets updated
  • Table View symbols reorganized

Bug Fixes:

  • Name of section index symbol (Sketch) now consistent
  • Resizing behavior of search fields that resulted in glyphs scaling corrected
  • Grouped table header and footer colors corrected (was 142,142,147, now 109,109,113)


  • Inner shadow removed from sheets (Sketch, Photoshop, XD)

Bug Fixes:

  • Pop-up button label now wraps correctly when control width is shortened (Sketch)