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Set a tax category

To calculate tax on customer transactions in the countries or regions where we administer tax, Apple’s tax calculation service uses multiple inputs, including your tax category selection in App Store Connect, app metadata, legal entity status, tax registration status, customer attributes, and other requirements in accordance with the local laws and regulations. Set the category that best describes each app. While this category will apply to in-app purchases by default, you can also set a category for each in-app purchase. Changes to tax category settings affect future transactions.

If you choose not to make any changes, your apps and in-app purchases will be assigned the App Store software category. You can make adjustments to these settings at any time as the characterization of your app or in-app purchases change or as tax legislation changes. Make sure that the tax category settings you choose accurately represent your app’s offerings. Selecting categories or attributes that aren't appropriate for your app or in-app purchases violates your obligations under the Apple Developer Program License Agreement, the Paid Agreements, and local tax laws.

Your tax category selections may result in changes to your proceeds, as proceeds are calculated based on the price of your app or in-app purchase, minus any applicable taxes. To view your estimated proceeds at each price tier, click All Prices and Currencies from Pricing and Availability.

Note: It may take up to an hour for changes to be reflected.

Compare the categories below to determine which best describes your app and/or in-app purchases. For guidance on setting the appropriate tax category, consult your tax advisor.



App Store software

If the primary purpose of your app is not described by any of the categories below, keep your tax category set to App Store software.


Apps that sell digital artwork, including original or manipulated graphics, fonts, and images. If your app provides tools to create or edit artwork, keep your tax category set to "App Store software.” If your app sells photographic images, select the "Photography" category.


Apps that allow users to listen to audio versions of books. If your app contains episodic series of audio content, select the "Music and other audio" category.


Apps that sell electronic versions of printed books, or digital-only content that's published once, under a single title. For content published regularly, consider the "Magazines and other periodicals" category, or the "News publications" category.


Apps and/or in-app purchases that offer resources to provide exposure, visibility, or engagement to enhance the prominence and reach of specific content that’s experienced or consumed in app (such as videos, sales of “boosts” in social media apps, listings, and/or other forms of user-generated content).

Cloud media player

Apps that stream audio or visual content through the cloud.

Cloud storage

Apps that store data in remote servers that can be accessed through the cloud.


Apps that facilitate forming new interpersonal relationships by means of text, voice, photo, or video sharing.

Fitness and health

Apps that provide streaming fitness classes or focus on healthy living.


Apps that provide single or multiplayer interactive activities for entertainment purposes.

Greeting cards

Apps that create and send electronic versions of a decorative card to express good wishes for an occasion.

Magazines and other periodicals

Apps that deliver content using an issue-based strategy or are producing interactive versions of a printed periodical. If your app contains news content, consider selecting the "News publications" category.

Music and other audio

Apps that are for listening to audio content, including music, podcasts, meditations, radio, and ringtones.

News publications

Apps that provide information about current events with regular content updates. May be a digital-first, or interactive version of a printed newspaper. If your app focuses on content about one sector, consider the "Magazines and other periodicals" category.


Apps that sell photos or assist in capturing, editing, managing, or sharing photos.

Software training material

Apps that deliver trainings on specific off-the-shelf software.


Apps that stream video content. May be accessed through a subscription, pay-per-view, or purchase for permanent consumption.

The first full month after you’ve configured your settings, you can view taxes for U.S. and Canada transactions under the Transaction tax report in Payments and Financial Reports. This report shows transaction taxes (sales tax, use tax, goods and services tax, and other similar taxes) applied to your sales, and will be available no later than the second Friday of the fiscal month.

Required role: Admin or App Manager. View role permissions.

  1. From Apps, select your app. The page opens with the Distribution tab selected.

  2. In the sidebar, click Pricing and Availability.

  3. Next to Tax Category, click Edit.

  4. In the dialog that appears, select the tax category that best describes your app.

    Depending on your selection, you may be asked to describe your app further by selecting a subcategory and/or attributes.

  5. Click Done.