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Set your developer name

By default, your legal name is used as your developer name. If you enrolled in the Apple Developer Program as an organization, you may set a different developer name if it's a registered trade name, DBA, or fictitious business name. For example, if your legal name is “Apps Company LLC”, your trade name may simply be “Apps Company”, which can be used for distribution.

If you’re enrolled as an individual, this option isn’t available to you and the developer name is the same as your legal name.

You can set your developer name only when adding an app to your account the first time. It can't be edited or updated later, so it's important to add it correctly.

  1. From Apps, click the add button (+).

    The Apps page is blank until you create your first app.

  2. From the pop-up window, enter your developer name into the Company Name field.

  3. Fill in the other required details, then click Create.

Once your app is approved, your developer name appears under your app name on App Store product pages and is displayed when users install your app.

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