Manage app information

Set the app motion information for Apple Vision Pro

The app motion information is a required app information property for all visionOS apps on the App Store. If your app contains experiences with high motion, we’ll let users know with a label on your app’s product page.

Learn how to assess your app for high motion.

Note: You’ll need to set this information in order to submit your visionOS app for review.

Required role: Account Holder, Admin, App Manager, or Marketing. View role permissions.

  1. From Apps, select your app. The page opens with the Distribution tab selected.

  2. In the sidebar, click the app version under the visionOS app platform.

  3. Below App Motion Information, click Set Up.

  4. In the dialog that appears, select either “Yes, this app contains high motion” or “No, this app doesn’t contain high motion”.

  5. Click Save.

Note: To update this information at any time, click Edit next to Contains High Motion. The change will reflect on the App Store immediately.