Configure Game Center

Add multiplayer compatibility

The Multiplayer Compatibility section of App Store Connect allows you to describe which versions of your Game Center-enabled apps can interact with each other during the matchmaking process. You can define the earliest multiplayer-compatible app version for iOS, macOS, and tvOS, and can even match games with different bundle identifiers against each other.

Learn more about matchmaking.

Required role: Account Holder, Admin, App Manager, Developer, or Marketing. View role permissions.

Select the earliest compatible version of an app

  1. From Apps, select your app.

  2. In the sidebar, click the app version below your desired platform, then navigate to the Game Center section.

  3. Click the add button (+) to the right of Multiplayer Compatibility.

  4. In the dialog that appears, select the apps that you want your app to be compatible with.

  5. Select the earliest compatible version of your app from the menu. Only Game Center-enabled app versions will be available to select.

  6. To add more compatible apps and versions, repeat the above steps for each app.

    Note: Before you can test multiplayer compatibility for your app, you'll need to complete the steps above.

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