Measure app performance

Overview of reporting tools

App Store Connect provides the following reporting tools to help you measure the performance of your apps and in-app purchases on the App Store.

App Analytics

App Analytics lets you measure user engagement, marketing campaigns, and monetization for your apps and in-app purchases distributed on the App Store. You can use App Analytics to:

  • Find out which sources drive the most traffic to your app’s product page.

  • Calculate conversion rate (the number of people who view your app’s product page to total downloads and pre-orders of your app).

  • Find out which countries or regions have the most engaged users by sessions and proceeds per paying user.

  • Compare your app’s performance to the performance of similar apps so you can put your performance into context.

  • Find out which App Clips are successful at driving first-time app downloads.

  • View how many users have pre-ordered your app.

  • Compare the performance of different product page treatments.

  • Download data for your apps in bulk, including data about App Store engagement, app usage, and commerce.

App Analytics displays App Store usage data from users who have agreed to share their diagnostics and usage information with app developers on devices running a minimum of iOS 8, macOS 11, tvOS 9, or visionOS 1. To protect user privacy, App Analytics only shows data after a certain number of data points are available. watchOS data isn’t available in App Analytics.

Sales and Trends

Sales and Trends provides next-day App Store sales and unit data so that you can measure the performance of your free or paid iOS, macOS, tvOS, and visionOS apps, as well as any associated in-app purchases. Data in Sales and Trends is recorded when a customer initiates a transaction on the App Store. Sales data for iMessage apps and sticker packs is included in the data for the containing iOS app.

  • View top apps or in-app purchases and their contribution to your overall business.

  • If you offer auto-renewable subscriptions, view subscriptions data on the summary, retention, state, and event pages to gain quick insight into the performance of your subscription business.

  • View units, proceeds, sales and pre-orders with options to filter data by selected time period, app, subscription, and country or region.

  • Download and view reports in order to further analyze the performance of your app or subscriptions.

Note: If you transfer your app, you’ll continue to have access to information for sales that occurred prior to the transfer. You won’t be able to view data for sales that occur after the transfer has completed.

Payments and Financial Reports

Payments and Financial Reports provides information on final payments made to you based on settled transactions and finalized proceeds using the Apple fiscal calendar. Financial reports only include paid transactions for the App Store which payment was collected from the customer (review the Paid Apps Agreement for details). You can opt in to email alerts that notify you when financial reports are available for download in App Store Connect.

Learn about receiving payments from Apple.

Automating reports

You can automate downloads of your Sales and Trends, App Analytics, and Financial Reports with the App Store Connect API.