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Differences in reporting tools

Comparing Sales and Trends with Payments and Financial Reports

There may be differences between reports in Sales and Trends and reports in Payments and Financial due to the following reasons:

  • Processing status. Transactions may take time to process and close. Transactions initiated in a particular month and shown in Sales and Trends may not be reflected in Payments and Financial Reports until the customer’s payment is processed and collected and an invoice is issued, which may be in the following fiscal month. In addition, transactions for which payment wasn’t collected aren’t shown in financial reports.

  • Exchange rate. Sales and Trends estimates the USD amount of sales and proceeds based on a rolling average of the previous month's exchange rates. All downloadable reports show amounts in local currencies transacted by customers. Final payments in Payments and Financial Reports are based on the exchange rate used to convert each report currency to the currency of your bank account. Learn about the exchange rate.

Comparing App Analytics and Sales and Trends

There may also be differences between sales reports in App Analytics and sales reports in Sales and Trends for the following reasons:

  • App Analytics data is based on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). By default, Sales and Trends data is shown in UTC, but you can change the time zone to Pacific Time (PT).

  • App Analytics excludes Restores (where a user restores an app to their device from a backup) in the Redownloads metric, while Sales and Trends includes Restores in its Redownload count.

  • App Analytics excludes sales metrics (in-app purchases, sales, paying users, proceeds) from TestFlight builds, while Sales and Trends includes them.

  • App Analytics excludes Sales or Redownloads on watchOS.

  • App Analytics excludes in-app purchase transactions (such as auto-renewable subscription renewals) from Removed from Sale apps, while Sales and Trends includes them.

  • Certain transactions may not be reported on the same dates in App Analytics and Sales and Trends due to processing time differences between the two systems.