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App Store Connect workflow

Use App Store Connect to submit apps to the App Store, manage your apps, distribute beta versions of your apps using TestFlight, accept legal agreements, enter tax and banking information, view trends and financial reports, and more. The App Store Connect API is also available for you to automate your workflow.

Initially, only the Account Holder (the person who joins the Apple Developer Program) can sign in to App Store Connect with the Apple ID associated with the Apple Developer Program membership.

The Account Holder can invite additional users in the Users and Access section.

Step 1: Accept the agreement, and enter tax and banking information

If you want to sell your apps or offer in-app purchases, visit the Agreements, Tax, and Banking section to sign the Paid Applications Agreement. Then, enter banking and tax information.

Step 2: Add users and assign roles

To delegate responsibilities to others, visit the Users and Access section and add users by entering their names and email addresses. They can then perform tasks based on the roles you assign them. Learn about roles.

Step 3: Add your app and upload a build

In the My Apps section, create an app record so your app’s information, such as name, keywords, and description, is ready for the App Store. You don’t need to finish creating your app in Xcode before entering its information in App Store Connect. However, you must create an app record before you can upload a build of your app. You can upload multiple builds, and then view the builds and variants in App Store Connect.

Step 4: Test and submit your app

Distribute your app for testing using TestFlight, which supports apps for iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and watchOS. You can add internal testers and invite external testers who will use the TestFlight app to install your app on their devices. When your app is ready for the App Store, choose the build you want to submit and send it to App Review. You can continue improving your app by creating new versions periodically.

Step 5: Monitor your apps status, usage, and sales

You can monitor the status of your app as it goes through App Review. Once it’s live on the App Store, you can gain insights on its performance through App Analytics, Sales and Trends, and Payments and Financial Reports, and respond to user reviews on the App Store. App Store Connect for iPhone and iPad also lets you view some of this information and perform other tasks.