Configure Game Center

Enable challenges

Achievements and leaderboards allow players to measure and track their individual game progress; however, some players find it more satisfying to beat a friend’s score and test their progress against each other. Game Center embraces this idea in the form of challenges. Using challenges, players in Game Center can challenge each other to beat earned scores or achievements. Game Center supports two kinds of challenges:

  • A score challenge is issued based on a leaderboard score previously earned by the challenger. The challenge is completed when the challenged player earns a better score. When the challenged player beats a score challenge, Game Center automatically issues a new score challenge to the original challenger. Score challenges continue to pass back and forth between the two players as they work to beat each other’s scores.

  • An achievement challenge is issued from an achievement that the challenger has already completed. The challenge is completed when the challenged player completes the achievement.

For development information, visit Challenges in GameKit.

  1. From My Apps, select your app.

  2. In the toolbar, click Services. The page opens with the Game Center tab selected.

  3. In the Challenges section, click the checkbox to “Allow challenges in this game.”

    Enable challenges
  4. Click Save.

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