Payment information

Payment information will display in the corresponding currency of each region where sales occur.

Field title



This is where the unit sale took place. Hold the pointer over a region name to reveal all App Store countries or regions included in that region.

Units Sold

This is the total number of units sold in the corresponding region. Note that this value only includes purchases.


This consists of any amounts not paid out from previous months, or amounts returned.


This displays the gross earnings amount per region for that fiscal period.


This displays the total earnings per region, including both the previous months and the current month's balances.

Taxes and Adjustments

This displays the net of all input taxes, adjustments, or withholding taxes for that region. Hold the pointer over the amount to view a breakdown of all taxes and adjustments included in the net total presented.

  • Withholding Tax. Withholding tax represents amounts withheld by Apple and remitted to taxing authorities in accordance with government requirements specific to the country or region. Withholding taxes can vary based on your location, the completion of any optional tax forms and the tax treaties entered into by your country or region. Visit Tax forms overview for more information.

  • Input Taxes. Input taxes are amounts added to your payment to meet your tax requirements in certain countries or regions. For example, Goods and Services Tax (GST) applies if you are based in Australia on the basis you are registered for GST.

Total Owed

This is the sum of Earned and Taxes and Adjustments and displays the estimated amount owed to you in the currency of each reported region and revenue type. If there is a carry forward balance, this is the sum of Total, and Taxes and Adjustments.

Exchange Rate

This is the exchange rate at the time of payment, used to calculate total proceeds in your bank account currency. The exchange rate is only displayed if the payment for the report month selected has been disbursed.

Per Schedule 2 to your Developer Agreement, our bank converts payment amounts into the currency of your bank account. The exchange rate is established by our bank and, due to Apple’s volume, is generally a more favorable rate than used by your local bank. The rates are typically the spot rate on the date of payment and no more than three business days prior to the date the proceeds are received into your account.

Proceeds or Total Estimated Proceeds

The name of this column will vary depending on whether or not a payment has been executed for the report month selected.

  • Total Estimated Proceeds. This is displayed if payment to you has not yet been made. This is the estimated amount of proceeds that will be dispersed in your bank account currency.

    If iTunes doesn't have an exchange rate for a particular currency, the amount is converted to USD by default. This is for display purposes only, and payment will be made in your chosen bank account currency.

  • Proceeds. This is displayed if payment has been transferred to your bank account. This is the actual amount of proceeds paid for the corresponding region and report period. Values are displayed in your bank account currency.

Payment Date

The payment date displayed in Payments and Financial Reports is the date the payment leaves Apple’s bank.

* Balance and Total columns will only be displayed if there is a running balance from the previous payment period.