In-app purchase statuses

The in-app purchase status indicates whether your in-app purchase is available or if it needs your attention.

In-app purchase products have statuses such as “Ready to Submit” or “Approved” or a status indicator. The status tells you immediately whether your product needs attention.

  • A red status indicator () means that you need to perform some action before a product can be made available.

  • A yellow status indicator () means that some process is ongoing, controlled either by you or by Apple.

  • A green status indicator () means that the in-app purchase is available.



Missing Metadata

Your in-app purchase has been created, but you have not yet uploaded a screenshot or completed your metadata.

Ready to Submit

You uploaded all the metadata needed, but you have not yet sent it to Apple for review.

Pending Binary Approval

The app this in-app purchase is associated with is currently in review.

Waiting for Review

You have submitted your in-app purchase to be reviewed by Apple. You can make edits to the product while it is in this status.

In Review

Your in-app purchase product is currently being reviewed by Apple. Only edits to the product’s reference name, pricing, and availability can be made when it has this status.


Apple has approved your in-app purchase to go live on the App Store with its associated app.

For this status to appear, you must provide country or region availability for your in-app purchases. If you select "Remove from sale," or if you dont make at least one country or region available, the status appears as "Developer Removed from Sale."

If your in-app purchase is being released with an app version, it won’t have an Approved status until the app is approved.


Apple has rejected your in-app purchase product during the review process. If you have not already been contacted by Apple with more information about your rejection, you can inquire through Contact Us.

You can't resubmit a rejected in-app purchase and will need to submit a new one.

Your in-app purchase product status changes to Developer Action Needed if there is a detail in the in-app purchase that requires a change by you.

Developer Action Needed

The in-app purchase product changes that you submitted have been rejected. You are required to take action to edit the detail information or cancel the request to change the detail information before this in-app purchase can be reviewed again.

Developer Removed from Sale

You removed the in-app purchase from sale. When you remove an in-app purchase product from sale, customers that already purchased the product can’t restore it to their device or renew the in-app purchase if it’s an auto-renewable subscription.

If you clear the product for sale, the status changes to Approved.

Removed from Sale

Appears when Apple removes an in-app purchase product from sale.