Distributing apps in the European Union

Submit for Notarization

If you’ve opted into alternative distribution for customers in the European Union, you can choose to make your app version eligible for distribution on alternative app marketplaces or websites only by selecting to have it evaluated based on the Notarization Review Guidelines (a subset of the App Review Guidelines). Otherwise, your app version will be evaluated based on the App Review Guidelines, making it eligible for distribution on the App Store, alternative app marketplaces, and websites if approved. Follow these steps after you've added your app as eligible for distribution on a marketplace in App Store Connect or an alternative distribution domain using the App Store Connect API.

Required role: Account Holder, Admin, or App Manager. View role permissions.

  1. From Apps, select your app.

  2. In the sidebar, click the app version you want to submit.

  3. Scroll down to the App Review Information section, click Edit under Review Type.

    The Review Type section appears at the bottom of the App Review Information section.
  4. Select “Notarization” and click Save.

     prompt displays two options: App Store or Notarization.
  5. On the top right, click “Add for Review”. The app status changes to “Ready for Review”. If you changed any app information, you’ll also need to click Continue in the dialog that appears.

  6. Click “Submit to App Review”. The app status changes to “Waiting for Review”. When the review process starts, the app status changes to “In Review”. Learn about the tasks you can do in these statuses.

    Once the app version is approved, an alternative distribution package is automatically generated.

Required, localizable, and editable properties for Notarization

The tables below show the app and version properties required to submit your app for Notarization. The tables also indicate the properties that can be localized and edited at any time without submitting a new version of your app.

Learn about the required, localizable, and editable properties for App Store distribution.

App information








Bundle ID


Content Rights

License Agreement


Primary Language

Primary Category

Secondary Category

Availability in the Republic of Korea2

Availability in China mainland3


1 Localized text may be included in the Custom License Agreement text box.

2 Required for developers who enroll as an organization and distribute apps on the App Store in South Korea.

3 Required for apps that meet certain criteria to be available on the App Store in China mainland. Learn about availability requirements.

4 Can be entered at any time, but will be submitted for review with the next version submission.

Platform version information






App Preview

Promotional Text



Support URL

Marketing URL

Version Number


Routing App Coverage File

App Review Information

Version Release settings

What’s New in this Version

Phased Release for Automatic Updates

Reset summary rating

App privacy





Privacy Policy URL

Privacy Choices URL

Data Types