Banking information

Banking information is required to receive payment from Apple.



Bank Territory

The country or region for the branch of your bank. This is not the same as where your bank’s headquarters is located.

Bank Code

This is a routing or clearing number, but a different field will display depending on the location of your country or region. If you don’t know this information, other search criteria are available to locate your bank in App Store Connect, such as Bank Name, City, and Postal Code. If you can’t identify your bank in App Store Connect, it may be that Apple can’t send payments to that bank.

Bank Account Number

An account number can be found on your checks or statements and must be in English letters or numbers only. Keep in mind that some bank account numbers have leading zeros, so be sure to include all leading zeros. If you have an IBAN, your bank account number and your IBAN are two separate numbers. Don’t enter your IBAN into the bank account number field.

Account Holder Name

The Account Holder Name for your account. This must be entered in English letters or numbers, or Katakana for accounts based in Japan. It is important that the name matches exactly as it appears on the bank account you are using, including punctuations. If your account is a joint account, both names should be included in the Account Holder Name field. In addition to the 26 English characters and 10 digits, only the characters ,/?-)( are permitted.

The account holder name for your bank account doesn’t have to match the legal entity name for your agreement

Account Holder Type

Individual or Corporation


The bank account holder’s address that is associated with the bank account.

Bank Account Type

Checking or Savings. These options may vary depending on your bank country or region.

Bank Account Currency

The currency of your bank account. This will usually be the currency shown for your bank balance in your bank statements. This is also the currency you will be paid in. Note that most bank accounts only accept a single currency. Don’t enter a currency you’re not sure your bank account supports.