Manage submissions to App Review

Submit for review

Submitting your app to App Review starts the process for releasing it on the App Store.

Before submitting, you’ll need to provide required metadata and choose the build for the version.

Builds for each platform can be submitted separately and the status of one platform’s build doesn’t affect the others.

The App Review section in the sidebar is where you manage your submissions and messages with App Review. There are four content types that may display in this section:

  • App Store Submission: App versions and/or in-app events that you’ve submitted to App Review and any related messages from App Review. You can have one In Progress submission at a time per platform. In-app event submissions are associated with the iOS platform.

  • Beta Build: Beta builds that you’ve submitted to App Review that weren’t accepted and any related messages from App Review.

  • App Review Message: Other messages from App Review that aren’t related to a submission.

  • Submission Message: Messages from App Review related to a submission that was sent before the updated submission experience was enabled.

Learn how to submit versions of your app to review with the App Store Connect API.

Required role: Account Holder, Admin, or App Manager. View role permissions.

Submit an app

  1. From My Apps, select your app.

  2. In the sidebar, click the app version you want to submit.

  3. On the right, scroll down to the Build section and verify that you set the build for the version to the correct build.

  4. In the upper-right, click Add for Review. The app status changes to Ready for Review.

    You can continue adding items, such as in-app events, to the submission. View the items that you’ve added to review from the App Review section in the sidebar.

    All items submitted together must be marked as Accepted before the submission can be approved.

  5. Click Submit to App Review.

After you submit, the app status changes to Waiting for Review. When the review process starts, the app status changes to In Review. For information about tasks you can do in these states, view App and submission statuses.

Submit an in-app purchase

After you create an in-app purchase or subscription product in App Store Connect, you can submit it to Apple for review.

Note: If you’re submitting your first in-app purchase, you must submit it with a new version of your app.

You can submit additional in-app purchases for your app on the App Store at any time. However, if you’re adding a new in-app purchase type to your app (for example, you usually offer consumables, but want to offer auto-renewable subscriptions), you must do so with an app version update.

To submit an in-app purchase for review, it must have the Ready to Submit in-app purchase status. If it doesn't have this status, complete any missing information.

Learn how to submit in-app purchases and subscriptions with the App Store Connect API.

Submit an in-app purchase for the first time

  1. From My Apps, select your app.

  2. In the sidebar, click your app version.

  3. On the right, scroll down to the In-App Purchases and Subscriptions section, then click Select in-app purchases and subscriptions. When submitting a subscription for the first time, the subscription(s) need to be submitted with a version. If there are multiple subscriptions related to that version, all of them should be submitted together. Once you have one or more subscriptions approved for your app, additional subscriptions can be submitted at a later time with or without a version submission.

    Click + to select In-App Purchases for this app version.
  4. In the Add In-App Purchases or Subscriptions dialog, select the in-app purchases you want to submit.

    Add in-app purchase to version.
  5. Click done, then Save.

When you’re ready, submit your app for review. To automatically release your in-app purchase on the App Store after approval, you must designate at least one country or region where the in-app purchase will be made available. To submit your in-app purchase for review without publishing it on the App Store, select “Remove from sale.”

Once the in-app purchase is approved, its status will update to "Developer Removed from Sale."

If you've already submitted an in-app purchase with your app, and you decide to add additional in-app purchases later, you can do so without submitting an app version.

Submit an in-app purchase for a published app

  1. From My Apps, select your app.

  2. In the sidebar under Features, click In-App Purchases.

  3. Click the in-app purchase you want to submit.

  4. On the top right, click Submit for Review.