Create an app record

Remove an app

To remove an app from your main view in My Apps, it must be first removed from the App Store and any associated in-app purchases must be removed from sale.

Additionally, you can only remove apps if all versions of that app are in one of the following states:

Prepare for Submission

Invalid Binary

Developer Rejected


Metadata Rejected

Developer Removed from Sale

Removed from Sale

Apps can’t be removed if they’re in an app bundle, currently available on the App Store, associated with in-app purchases available for sale, or if they're being actively transferred to another account.

If the app is part of an app bundle and hasn't been approved yet, it must be removed from the bundle before it can be removed from your main view in My Apps. App bundles can't be removed.

WARNING: If you remove an app, you’ll lose ownership of the app name. Removed apps can only be restored if the name isn’t currently in use by another developer account. In addition, the SKU can’t be reused in the same organization and if you’ve uploaded a build, your bundle ID can’t be reused.

Required role: Account Holder or Admin. View role permissions.

Remove an app

  1. From My Apps, select the app you want to remove. The page opens with the App Store tab selected.

  2. Click App Information under General in the sidebar.

  3. Scroll to the Additional Information section, then click Remove App. The Remove App option is only available to Account Holders or Admins, and if an app is in a state which allows removal.

  4. In the dialog that appears, click Remove.

Restore an app

  1. From My Apps, click the arrow next to All Statuses on the top right.

    Note: If the removed app is the only app in your account, the app will be listed in My Apps. Restore the app by following steps 3 to 6.

  2. From the menu, choose Removed Apps.

  3. Click the app you want to restore.

  4. In the sidebar, click App Information.

  5. Scroll to the Additional Information section and click Restore App.

  6. In the dialog that appears, select Limited Access or Full Access, then click Restore.

    Note: If you select Full Access, all users will have access to the app. Users with the Admin or Finance roles, access to reports, or access to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles always have access to all apps.

If the app name is no longer available, the app can't be restored. If you believe an app is preventing you from using your trademark as an app name on the App Store, you can submit a claim.