Beta tester feedback

The table below shows all of the information that is available in the detailed tester feedback view. You can view this information by clicking into each feedback item. Leaern how to view tester feedback.




The name of the tester, if available.


The email address of the tester, if available.


The name of the tester group, or groups, the tester is added to.

App Version

The version and build a tester has installed on their device.

App Uptime

The length of time the app was open and running at the time the tester feedback was sent.


The model of the tester’s device.

iOS Version

The version of iOS the tester’s device is running on.


The tester’s battery level at the time the feedback was sent.


The tester’s wireless service provider.

Time Zone

The time zone the tester’s device is set to.


The type of Central Processing Unit (CPU) for the tester’s device.

Connection Type

Whether the tester was connected to WiFi, cellular, or not connected at the time that the feedback was sent and the tester’s mobile network type.

Paired Apple Watch

If the tester is testing on an Apple Watch app, the Apple Watch model and watchOS version is shared with you.

Disk Free

The amount of disk space the tester has available at the time the feedback was sent.

Screen Resolution

The screen resolution of the tester’s device.