Displaying Products in More Than One Language

iTunes Connect configures an In-App Purchase product and its display text separately. This separation allows you to provide text for each language or territory your app supports. You must provide at least one language configuration for each product. See Language Properties for specific requirements of product language properties.

To add display text for an In-App Purchase product
  1. If you haven’t already created an In-App Purchase product, do so as described in To create an In-App Purchase product.

  2. Choose the In-App Purchase product type.

  3. In the Language section of the product summary page, click Add Language.

  4. Choose a language from the Language menu.

  5. In the Display Name field, enter a localized name for the In-App Purchase product.

    For example, if you choose Finnish from the Language menu, enter the Finnish name for the In-App Purchase product in the Display Name field.

  6. In the Description field, enter a localized description of the In-App Purchase product.

    For auto-renewable subscriptions, make sure that you don’t include duration information in the description.

  7. If the In-App Purchase product is an auto-renewable or free subscription, enter the title of your subscription in the Publication Name field.

    The publication name can be the same as your app name or the same as the display name set in step 5. Don’t include version, platform, or duration information.

  8. Click Save.

    From here, you can continue with the In-App Purchase product registration or repeat the steps to add display text for an additional language.