App pricing and availability

Pricing and availability properties determine where and when an app is available on the App Store and at what price. You can set these properties when you add an app to your account, or you can edit the app information later.




Determines both the customer price and your proceeds. Your proceeds are the price minus Apple’s commission and applicable taxes. If you choose a price other than free, you must have a Paid Apps Agreement in place before you can sell the app. You can set a price for your app or schedule price changes.

Start Date

The date when a new price will take effect on the App Store.

End Date

The date that a price will no longer be in effect and will return to the previously set price.

Make available for pre-order

Select this option to publish your app as a pre-order. The Pre-Orders section is only visible if your app has never been published on the App Store.

Release Date

If you publish your app as a pre-order, this is the date when your app will end as a pre-order and become available for download on the App Store. This property is visible only when you select Make available for pre-order.

Distribution for Education and Business

You may choose to distribute your app outside of the App Store to specific users as a custom app, or to business or educational institutions through Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager, where your app can be offered at a discount.

Available at a reduced price for educational institutions

You can enable a 50% discount for educational institutions that purchase 20 or more copies of your iOS app or Mac app. Learn how to build apps for educations.

Available for education and business without a reduced price

Your app will be available for Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager without a reduced price. For more information, visit Distributing Custom Apps for Business or Building Apps for Education.

Available privately as a custom app (iOS only)

Select this option if you would like to distribute your app as a custom app. This option is only available if your app hasn’t been approved yet.


The storefronts where the app is available to purchase or download.

Tax category

The category of the app for tax purposes. If you choose not to make any changes, your app and in-app purchases will be assigned the App Store software category.

Last Compatible Version Settings

The versions of an app that are available for existing customers to download from iCloud. You need to exclude app versions from iCloud if the version includes legal or usability issues.